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Step-by-step lesson plans for iPad music projects that you can start using in class tomorrow. Engaging & up-to-date ideas that use a handful of apps.


What's included?
Ebook, video tutorials, checklists and more

  • The ebook: 22 engaging, step-by-step creative iPad music projects. Save time - all the work is done for you.
  • PLUS 22 instructional videos that walk you through each of the 22  projects. Use them for yourself, or show them to your students. Let me teach your class for you! 
  • Bonus checklists - 22 "keep them on task" student checklists (one for each project).
  • 9 other bonus items: printable project planners, how to display your iPad guide, drum styles guide, beatboxing sentences score, a four-chord a cappella arrangement, how to set up a GarageBand song checklist and more
  • Bonus 19-page ebook: The Step-By-Step Guide to Recording a Song in GarageBand for iPad
  • Sample QR code quest ("The Blues Edition") that you can use with your students and QR code quest student answer sheet
  • When you join the Midnight Music Community to access the iPad Projects For The Music Classroom, you will also gain instant access to 70+ hours of other music technology professional development, PLUS personalised help and support
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iPad Projects for the
Music Classroom




Here are just some of the responses to iPad Projects for the Music Classroom


"Useful and compelling"

Katie Wardrobe's new ebook, iPad Projects for the Music Classroom demonstrates why she is the consumate music education technology trainer. The book is relevant, reflecting Katie's ability to filter through the many apps and hardware options to get to the ones music educators and their students will find most useful and compelling.

Dr Scott Watson
Music Teacher, Parkland School District, Allentown Pennsylvania (USA) and
Author, Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity (Oxford University Press)


"An excellent resource that should be included in every music curriculum"

Katie's ebook is one that every music teacher should have because there are numerous projects that are applicable to any music classroom situation.  She does a wonderful job of organizing each lesson with step-by-step instructions, teacher's notes, students instructions and lesson extensions. All of the lessons tap into each student's creativity. If you know the high qulaity work and courses developed and taught by Katie, then it will be no surprise that iPad Projects for the Music Classroom is an excellent resource that should be invluded in every music curriculum.

Amy M. Burns
Music Educator, Author and Clinician

"Creative and engaging"

If you are unsure what apps to buys for use in your music classroom or want to know how to get the best out of the apps you have with some fresh ideas, this book is invaluable. The step-by-step instructions and screenshots are simple to follow and the projects are creative and engaging. The videos are clear and work through the processes with easy to follow instructions, which is great either to learn to use the apps yourself (as a teacher) or to demonstrate on a projector or IWB for students. Ideal for those teachers new to iPads and technology to to use as an instructional teaching tool in the classroom.  I can't wait to start using some of these projects in my classroom right away!

Beverley Babbage
Toormina High School

"Saved me so much time!"

I used the Blues music project with my Year 8 Class and it was fantastic!! I just wanted to write and say "THANK YOU THANK YOU". Your step by step instructions were brilliant and saved me so much time!! I remembered why I became a music teacher after I finished the lesson this morning - it gave me such a buzz when the kids were so engaged doing this project.

Jennifer Tunnicliffe
Wellington Secondary College

"The engagement was amazing"

I have just introduced your Transforming The Blues project to my Year 5-7 students. The engagement level was amazing with most students being able to produce a composition that they were proud to share with others. Thank you for sharing your ideas. They are a great way to build skills and always received with enthusiasm.

Julie Moore

"Engaging, interesting, cool and fun... a perfect combo!"

What's In A Name? was another great lesson. It was wonderful to see the students work so well independently and create work that they were proud to share with the class. Engaging, interesting, cool and fun...a perfect combo!

Elizabeth Moran
St Christopher's Primary

Year 8 boys won over

I had some Year 8 boys - who can be a little challenging in music lessons - apply themselves really well to this project and actually state to me that they like doing this sort of stuff. That was extremely satisfying and very encouraging for me, so thank you for your wonderful creativity and for sharing it with so many of us. I love what you do and how you regularly inform us of so many possibilities.

Rowena Singleton
Gunnedah High School

"Their faces said it all"

All the students loved it. I had no behaviour problems and all the children, regardless of their academic abilities achieved amazing results. Their faces said it all. I also received a lot of feedback from parents because many children went home and repeated the project on their home iPads.

Lilliana Spinelli
St Joseph Kingswood


Author: Katie Wardrobe

Katie Wardrobe, author of iPad Projects for the Music Classroom is a Melbourne-based music technology trainer and presenter and the director of Midnight Music. She has been simplifying technology for music educators for more than 7 years and thinks that live looping on the iPad is the most fun she's had as a musician for a long time.  

FAQ #1: Which age-groups are the projects for?

The projects are ideal for grades 2-9 and nearly all of them are adaptable, even for students outside that age-range. 

Flexible, adaptable projects

FAQ #2: Which apps will I need?

The 22 iPad music projects involve a limited number of apps - just 10 in total.  Five of the ten apps required are free apps, and GarageBand for iPad features in 7 of the projects.  

The apps used in the projects are: GarageBand, MadPad, Loopy, Singing Fingers, Thinglink, Aurasma, i-nigma, Pic Collage, DM1 and Explain Everything.

Minimal apps

Now available

step-by-step projects for your students